When does school start in America

First day of school

The first day of school is the first day of an academic year. The timing varies between different areas around the world because of the differences in weather, climate, season, and culture. A common pattern in North America and Europe is for school to begin in late August or early September, while in the southern hemisphere mid January to early February is common, with a few countries near to the equator having a September start.


The first day of school in Argentina is on the last Monday of February or the first Monday of March, depending on the year. High school usually begins one week later than elementary school.


The first day of school is on the third week of September.


The school year usually begins during February and as late as March for some universities. It's usual to have a 2–3 weeks recess by the mid of the year and an ending by mid December.


The first day of school, in most provinces, is on the Tuesday after the first Monday in September (the day after Labour Day), but varies based on the individual school boards. In some areas, including Newfoundland and Labrador, school begins for faculty and staff on the first Tuesday in September, but students are not required to attend class until the day after.

In Quebec, CEGEP students typically start school the third week of August. University students start school between the first and the second week of September. Elementary and high school students start back the last week of August, anywhere from Tuesday - Thursday and on the rare occasion will start after Labour Day, depending on the school year.

In Edmonton, three specific Catholic schools start at the third week of August. The rest of schools will start at the second week of September, and on rare occasions, these schools may have to start after Labour Day, depending on the school year.


The first day of school in Chile is on March 1, or the first Monday following if March 1 is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Costa Rica[edit]

The first day of school in Costa Rica is in early February. The Education Ministry changes the date every year to ensure 200 effective days are in the school calendar.


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