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Implementation: Classroom-Based Entrepreneurship: Financial Literacy: Work Readiness:

JA BizTown combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a simulated town. This popular program allows elementary school students to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks, and vote for mayor. The program helps students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world. (Grade 5)

Implementation: JA Capstone

JA Career Success equips students with the knowledge required to get and keep a job in high-growth industries. Students will explore the crucial workplace skills employers seek but often find lacking in young employees. Students also will learn about valuable tools to find that perfect job, including resumes, cover letters, and interviewing techniques. (Grades 9-12)

Implementation: Classroom-Based

JA Company Program unlocks the innate ability in students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community by launching a business venture—unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit. Each of the program’s 13 meetings is divided into a Company Ops and Deeper Dive activity. The Company Ops is that portion of the meeting during which students build and manage their business. During the Deeper Dive, students work individually or in groups to take a closer look at a business-related topic. (Grades 9-12)

JA Company Program, the latest evolution of Junior Achievement's legacy program, allows students to learn and experience business fundamentals and the art and hard work of entrepreneurship as they operate a student-led company. Students will be able to apply their newfound skills to their education and future careers. (Grades 9-12)

JA Economics for Success gives students the information needed to build strong personal finances, a cornerstone to a happy, secure life. Students learn the importance of exploring career options based on their skills, interests, and values. They also learn about spending money within a budget; saving and investing wisely; and using credit cautiously. (Grades 6-8)

Implementation: Classroom-Based

JA Economics reinforces concepts of micro- and macro-economics by having students explore the basic characteristics of the U.S. economic system and how economic principles influence business decisions. It also introduces students to consumer issues, such as saving, investing, and taxation. (Grades 11-12)

JA Exploring Economics uses hands-on activities to explain complex economic concepts such as supply and demand, inflation, and the production, distribution and consumption of goods. It gives insight into the effect governments and individuals have on the global economy— and on the price of a loaf of bread. (Grades 9-12)

JA Finance Park is a month-long program that introduces students to personal financial planning and career exploration. At the culmination of this teacher-led program, students visit JA Finance Park, a realistic on-site or virtual community, to put into practice what they've learned by developing and committing to a personal budget. (Middle School and High School)

Implementation: JA Capstone

JA Global Marketplace - Blended Model gives students an opportunity to experience the impact and importance of international business by playing the role of business owners and managers. (grades 6-8)

JA Global Marketplace takes students on a spin around the world. Students learn the products they use every day, like their backpacks and sneakers, might use raw material from one country, be assembled in another, and sold from Peking to Chicago. The program helps students understand how goods flow through various economies and the effect globalization has on their lives. (Grades 6-8)

JA It's My Business! encourages students to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills. Those skills include knowing customers' wants and needs, launching effective marketing, and creating detailed business plans. By examining the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, students learn that a belief in one's self can make positive things happen in life. (Grades 6-8)

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