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Dr. Andrzej Skorek performing an endoscopic procedure of the nose and sinusesThe Faculty of Medicine was established in 1945. Its goals are inextricably linked with the centuries-old tradition of medical and natural science practices in Gdańsk, particularly in Gimnazjum Gdańskie (Gymnasium Gedanense) founded in 1558, and later given a more academic name (Gymnasium Academicum sive Illustre, Atheneum Gedanense).

Eminent doctors ran the department of medicine and anatomy, created in Gimnazjum Gdańskie. The most recognized lecturer was Joachim Oelhafius, a native of Gdańsk, mostly renowned for being the first in Northern Europe to perform a public autopsy. Equally outstanding was the anatomist Jan Kulmus, whose large anatomical atlas “Tabulae anatomicae” was published in Gdańsk in 1932. The work was released in numerous editions and was translated into several languages.

Dr. Andrzej Skorek performing an endoscopic procedure of the nose and sinuses

The Faculty of Medicine educates its students in three majors – medical (homogenous 6-year MSc studies) and medical stomatological (homogenous 5-year MSc studies), as well as dental techniques (3-year 1st degree BSc studies).Atheneum Gedanense Novum The Faculty’s high level of education was confirmed by the Accreditation Committee for Medical Universities working at the Conference of Presidents of Medical Universities, and by The State Accreditation Committee, which granted the Faculty a 5-year-long accreditation for both MSc majors. Moreover, classes in the medical major are also conducted in English (since 2002).

Atheneum Gedanense Novum

The Faculty of Medicine currently consists of 77 Departments and Clinics. Its didactic tasks are carried out by 614 teachers, 52 of which hold a degree of professor.

Clinical classes at one of the operating theatres (students dressed in yellow)Hands-on clinical teaching takes place simultaneously with providing healthcare at the University Clinical Centre and at selected teaching hospitals in Gdańsk. The Laboratory Medicine Centre was opened in 2010. In March 2012, a new clinical hospital was opened, Invasive Medicine Centre, which houses mostly surgical clinics. Besides teaching, the Departments and Clinics of the Faculty provide highly specialized diagnostics and treatment.

Clinical classes at one of the operating theatres (students dressed in yellow)

Students of the MUG Faculty of Medicine frequently earned the Red Rose Award, either in individually or as part of student scientific clubs.First year students during their anatomy lab class In 2015, Gabrielle Karpinsky, VI year English Division student won the award for best student in the Pomorskie province and the English Division Pediatric Oncology Scientific Circle at the MUG Department and clinic of Pediatrics, Hematology and Oncology won in the Best Student Scientific Circle category. It was the first time in the Award’s history that an English Division students, individually and as a Student Circle, won in both categories. Whereas the 1999 edition was the last time when a student and a Circle from the same university won both awards.

Gabrielle Karpinsky also won the prestigious Interstudent contest in the master degree category. The contest winners were announced and recognized at the Interstudent Gala in Lublin during the conference “Studenci zagraniczni w Polsce (Foreign students in Poland) 2015”.

After 8 years of break, the students of our University participated in the Intercollegiate Competition of Anatomical Knowledge “Scapula Aurea.” This year’s XXX edition of the Competition was held in Bydgoszcz. Our 1st year medical students, including English Division, competed against representatives from 9 other medical schools. In the team category, the ED team won 2nd place, while Polish team won 3rd place.

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