Higher Education defined

Higher education

The collapse for Fred was severe when he found that he held no more than five twenties, and his share in the higher education of this country did not seem to help him.

He was certainly an affectionate fellow, and as he had grown from boy to man, he had grown in love with his old playmate, notwithstanding that share in the higher education of the country which had exalted his views of rank and income.

We are thus led on to the conception of a higher State, in which "no man calls anything his own, " and in which there is neither "marrying nor giving in marriage, " and "kings are philosophers" and "philosophers are kings;" and there is another and higher education, intellectual as well as moral and religious, of science as well as of art, and not of youth only but of the whole of life.Lynde says pride goes before a fall and she doesn't believe in the higher education of women at all; she says it unfits them for woman's true sphere.

I think the Lower House by far the greatest blow to a happy married life that there has been since that terrible thing called the Higher Education of Women was invented.

Robert is a great champion of the Higher Education of Women, and so, I am afraid, am I.

The higher education of men is what I should like to see.

This is a pretty state of things, isn't it, Miss Wilson, after all her advantages under the influence of moral force and the movement for the higher education of women?But the prospect of undertaking the higher education of the police did not seem to appeal to Tom.Red River Education Finance Corporation Higher Education (Texas Christian University Project) variable-rate demand revenue bonds, series 2000 at 'AA-/F1+';The North Dakota Roundtable on Higher Education participants had to figure out how to stem the state's population loss, improve its per capita income and quality of life, and compete in the new information-based economy.WTC provides professional consulting services in higher education addressing issues concerning information technology, networking, and telecommunications.
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Global Specialties Global Specialties 3600 32 Channel Logic Analyzer
BISS (Global Specialties)
  • 32 General input channels in 4 groups with 8 channels for each group
  • 4 Groups can be combined in three different Logical configurations
  • Current limit protection and over voltage protection function
  • Name can be defined for each channel
  • Programmable threshold voltage for each channel
International Medcom International Medcom Inspector Alert Digital Surface Contamination Radiation Monitor
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  • Radiation detector used when quick readings that call for heightened sensitivity are needed to survey levels of potentially harmful ionizing particles and rays in...
  • Device is not energy compensated, and allows for detection of ionizing radiation types such as alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays and x-rays
  • Large, 2-inch, halogen-quenched, pancake-shaped Geiger-Mueller (G-M) tube for heightened sensitivity to radiation detection
  • LCD lighting displays digital reading of current radiation level in milliroentgens (mR) per hour (mR/hr), or counts per minute (CPM); or when SI (metric) units are...
  • Provides total count for a timed period (from one minute to 24 hours) to determine average CPM over a period of time for higher accuracy and precision measurement
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