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Turnaround Schools Show Improvement in Grades

Emmerich Manual High School is no longer an “F” schoolINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2014) – After only two years under CSUSA management, turnaround schools are showing significant progress. Positive results are evident today with the release of Indiana’s “A-F” school grades. Emmerich Manual High School celebrated the most dramatic improvement, moving off the list of “F” or probationary schools for the first time in nine years. Manual’s algebra proficiency improved by 18 percentage points to 73 percent proficiency, crossing the critical 60 percent threshold. English 10 also surpassed 60 percent proficiency with 62 percent of students achieving proficiency. Further, eighth to tenth grade proficiency gains improved by 27 percent in math and 25 percent in ELA, and Manual’s tenth grade to graduation proficiency gains improved by almost 14 percent in math and 40 percent in ELA.

Two additional schools managed by CSUSA also achieved significant gains.

  • Among first time End-of-Course testers, Algebra I proficiency increased by more than 10 percentage points at Emma Donnan Middle School, and by more than 20 percentage points at T.C. Howe Community High School and Manual.
  • Both Donnan and Howe maintained or exceeded prior year performance in both middle school reading and math with an average five percentage point increase in ISTEP+ proficiency.
  • With the exception of math at Howe, CSUSA middle school students met or exceeded the proficiency growth of IPS and the state of Indiana on the ISTEP+ in reading and math.

“We are incredibly proud of all our students who have committed to succeeding, ” said Sherry Hage, Chief Academic Officer of CSUSA, “We all know we still have a long way to go and we will not stop until we reach 100 percent proficiency, but today’s results show that we are on the right path.”

In addition to the tremendous gains at Manual, Emma and Howe collectively increased the percentage of students making high growth in math by an average of 17 percent school-wide, and both schools significantly decreased the percent of students making low growth in math by more than 10 percent.

“This performance data provides valuable, timely information as the SBOE turnaround committee considers the long-term future of these schools, ” added Hage. “CSUSA is proving that under the right leadership, these students, these schools, these communities can and will continue to improve to top-level performers over time.”

See images of some of our Emmerich Manual High School students:

Media contact and information:

Robert Vane, (317) 696-9443 – (public relations liaison for CSUSA Indianapolis)

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