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The Federal Republic of Nigeria is located on the West Coast of Africa with 36 states and a recorded population of over 120 million people. Of this population, 30 million are students. The country is rich in petroleum and many other natural resources. The three dominant tribes are Yoruba in the southwest, Ibo in the eastern region and Hausa in the north. Although people speak their native languages, the official language is English. The dominant two religions are Christianity and Islam.

Nigeria gained it’s independence from the British in 1960. For the past 15 years, it has been under military rule. During this period, the tertiary institutions were plagued with riots and strikes resulting in a decline in quality of the educational system. Educational institutions are still in the process of recuperating from the neglect of the former governments. A democratic government was voted for in February 1999. Retired General Olusegun Obasanjo was elected president.

The Federal Government of Nigeria regards education as an instrument for effecting national development. Her philosophy on education is based on the development of the individual into a sound and effective citizen and the provision of equal educational opportunities for all citizens of the nation at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels both inside and outside the formal school system. The language of instruction in Nigerian institutions is English. The Ministry of Education is the government body charged with the duty of regulating procedures and maintaining standards.

Primary School

Primary education begins at the age of six for the majority of Nigerians. Students spend six years in primary school and graduate with a school-leaving certificate. Subjects taught at the primary level include mathematics, English language, bible knowledge, science and one of the three main native languages (Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo). Private schools would also offer computer science, French and art. Primary school students are required to take a Common Entrance Examination to qualify for admission into the Federal and State Government schools.

Secondary Education

Students spend six years in Secondary School. At the end of three years, they take the Junior Secondary School exam (JSS3 exam) which is a qualifying exam for Senior Secondary School. By Senior Secondary School Class 2 (SS2), students are taking the GCE O’Levels exam, which is not mandatory, but most students take it to prepare for the Senior Secondary School Exam. The Senior Secondary School Exam is taken in the last year of high school (SS3). Private organizations, the State government or the Federal government manages secondary schools in Nigeria.

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Examples of Primary and Secondary Sources of Information
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Primary Colors and Secondary Colors: Colors of the Rainbow.
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