Education in North America

North America Virtual Field Trip

BORN TO BE WILD/NO PLACE TO HIDE Premieres Sun May 19 9/8c

North America: Born to be Wild: Take an extraordinary journey through the wildest places in North America and meet the incredible array of wildlife that lives in our own backyard. Wolves and whales, lions and bears, mustangs and mountain goats are our neighbors in this grand landscape.

North America: No Place to Hide: A world of extreme storms and unpredictable blizzards, this land tests all those who set foot on it. From bunker building prairie dogs to the fastest land animals on the continent, the fight to survive shapes all who dare call this place home.

LEARN YOUNG OR DIE Premieres Sun May 26 9/8c

In the upper reaches of this vast continent, survival is a daily battle. From avalanche-dodging grizzlies to head-bashing big horn sheep, from diving bears to cunning coyotes, we witness the extremes and the wonders of North America's mountains and forests.

THE SAVAGE EDGE Premieres Sun Jun 2 9/8c

The water's edge is America's final frontier, where human civilization and untamable wilderness collide. Witness the explosive collisions that define the continent's coasts, including a massive shark migration off of Miami's crowded beaches.

OUTLAWS AND SKELETONS Premieres Sun Jun 9 9/8c

The desert is more alive than you ever imagined. Human and animals alike endure at the mercy of the elements. From Death Valley to the deserts of Mexico, creatures battle for survival with astounding adaptations.

REVEALED/TOP TEN Premieres Sun Jun 16 9/8c

North America: Revealed: To make North America, film crews crisscrossed this vast continent for three years. With over 2800 days in the field covering 8 countries and 29 US States, this series reveals the full wonders of the North American continent as never before.

North America: Top 10: Our viewers cast 35, 000 votes to answer the question, "What is the top North America Destination?" In this special episode, we count down the results, revealing some surprises along the way.

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