University level Education

Middle Level Education

What does a career in middle level education look like?

Unlike elementary school teachers, middle school teachers often specialize in one or two content areas, and students will rotate into your classroom to learn that particular subject. As simple learning constructs become much more complicated, opportunities abound for middle school educators who may not want to be in the traditional classroom setting. For example, you may choose to become a tutor in your area of concentration, or you may use your expertise to lead children's educational programming for museums, camps or service organizations.

Program highlights

  • Students have access to the SCANA Science Classroom in the Wardlaw building, which provides in-depth, hands-on learning.
  • Our teacher preparation programs require our candidates to identify two areas of specialization, which creates stronger and more marketable instructors who think outside a single content boundary.
  • We are accredited by the Association for Middle Level Education, which includes interdisciplinary teaching and instruction.
  • Our program features reading and writing across the curriculum, and we have a curriculum integration course.

Your course work

As a middle level education student, the course work and field-based experiences will prepare you in two content areas of your choosing from English, mathematics, science and social studies. Your selection may help determine whether you graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, which focuses on literature or history, or the Bachelor of Science, which focuses more on math and science.

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