Wooden toys: their benefits

What could be more beautiful than a tree? Probably toys made of this material. Dark and light streaks, annual rings, appearing on the surface of dolls and houses, give the child a correct idea of harmony and beauty, develop imagination. Roland Many parents described plastic and metal as "inelegant" and "chemical", and said that wood is "a familiar and poetic substance that does not cut off the child's close contact with the forest, with the table, with the floor. Tree doesn't hurt or break. It does not break, but wears out, and can last a long time."

It's not easy to break a toy made of wood. More adult children who are interested in how everything is arranged and what is made of, can safely drop, beat, try to break a wooden toy, because it will be very strong and will withstand any load. It will be extremely difficult to break a toy made of wood even for the most hyperactive child.

Toys made of wood can interest a child to study the surrounding world: countries, peoples, animals. For example, arctic animals figurines show the animals that baby hasn’t ever seen. They convey the appearance of an animal that lives far away in detail. Toy arctic animals are quite easy to wash, just dip in a soap solution, rinse and wipe dry. Wooden toys have an indescribable energy. Toy polar animalsfigurines set up a positive mood, give the child the right attitude that all life is valuable, even huge northern bears and predatory sea lions.

Pleasant, and most importantly such a different texture of wood is exactly what you need for development of fine motor skills of fingers. By touching and exploring different toys in shape and texture, a child gets a lot of information.

Teach children to play: only in this case, toys, in addition to the entertainment function, will carry a training one.

Photo by Woodencaterpillar.com

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