Warsaw Poland University

Warsaw University of Technology

In Poland, the first university of technology was the Preparatory School for the Institute of Technology, opened in January 1826. The school was closed in 1831 and re-opened as Emperor Nicolas II University of Technology in 1898. On the day of opening the University had 3 faculties: Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering & Construction. In 1902 Faculty of Mining was opened.

German troops entered in 1915 but allowed the WUT to open with Polish as language of instruction. Daily lectures started at the University in 1920 at Faculties of: Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Acquatic Engineering and then Geodesy. In 1933 Faculty of Engineering was created. Number of students grew within 20 years and before the start of World War II, WUT became the most important scientific centre of engineering in Poland and gained international prestige.

The university was the centre of scientific research for people whose achievements were fundamental for world´s science and technology. During WW II, WUT operated in the underground. Teaching continued in a form of clandestine and open courses, scientific research was also conducted. There were many works and projects that were to serve the reconstruction of Poland after the war and constitute the foundation for the development of science in the future.

The students of the have always kept attached to patriotic values. They first protested against having Russian as the language of instruction and then contributed to Academic Legions and went to war against Russians. University was the General Headquarters. Many students and university professors fought and died in the war. In the Audience Hall of the Main Building there are special plaques which remind of the freedom movement acting in the 50´s and 60´s as well as and plaques and monuments commemorating the dead.

International Cooperation

The international position of Warsaw University of Technology is supported by the offer of full B.Sc and M.Sc. study programs in English, run currently at 9 Faculties. These courses are basically aimed at foreign students but they are also available for Polish students who want to broaden their abilities and improve their chance in the world labour market. For students who come from overseas countries, WUT Centre for International Cooperation has opened International Students Office which is there to help them accommodate in the new environment. WUT´s Foreign Language Centre offers special courses of Polish language for foreign students.

Foreign reputation is, in turn, proven by more by 120 international academic and research cooperation agreements with universities, research centres and high-tech industries from 50 countries around the world (Europe, US, China, Russia and Japan topping the list).

WUT offers a broad range of international and European exchange programs for students, teaching staff and researchers, such as: LLP Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.WUT takes part in new Action 2 of Erasmus Mundus program - cooperation with India (Willpower program) for M. Sc. and Ph.D. students and participates in European bilateral cooperation with industrialized countries: EUKLA (cooperation with Republic of Korea) and EU - Canada Student Mobility. ATHENS is a 1 week exchange session, held twice a year, by a network of leading European technical universities (coordinated by ParisTech).

WUT also holds over 30 active bilateral agreements concentrated on students exchange, with HEI´s from all over the world, including universities in USA, Latin America and Far East. In addition, WUT students may take part in summer exchange programs organized by many faculties, in cooperation with other universities of technology from all over the world.

WUT offers also joint educational programs with foreign universities based on bilateral agreements and within the framework of Erasmus Mundus program.

WUT has also recently established a Cooperation Platform of CEE Metropolitan Universities of Technology, which is a joint initiative of WUT, Berlin Institute of Technology and the National Technical University of Ukraine. This project has already resulted in the incorporation of 11 leading universities from the Central and Eastern Europe.

Foreign language courses

The Foreign Language Centre functions as an inter-faculty organisational unit of the University. It was established to teach students foreign languages and to develop their knowledge of foreign languages, as well as to test that knowledge as laid down by the University statutory requirements (e.g. qualifying exams for the student intake, practical work experience or scholarships abroad, final exams for doctoral graduates etc.).

Students may choose from the list of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish (for foreign students). General language instruction is provided as well as that for special purposes (technical, professional and business).

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