England University System

England Educational System

Most syllabi are set by the universities which are offering them, and are not controlled by the government. The only exception to this are teacher education programs, which the government has a lot of say over. The English government has established the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) to maintain those standards. Most countries have specific regulations for their teachers, so this isn’t any different than studying teaching in your home country. Because of their strict regulations and high standards for teacher education programs, England is considered to have some of the best teacher education programs in the world.

Even though the syllabi are set by universities, the Office for Fair Access (OfFA), has a lot of say on the admission procedures of each university. This office was created so that everyone who wishes to attend university in England has the ability to do so. They also promote fair access to higher education, even for those who are attending university as international students. Fair access also includes those of different cultures, different races, different nationalities, and those who have disabilities.

All English universities offer a first level of degree, known as a bachelor’s degree. This takes you approximately 3 years to complete. Some institutions in England may also offer a Master’s Degree at the undergraduate level, which takes a total of 4 years to complete; many people are finding this to be a great option because it costs a lot less money than returning for a postgraduate Master’s degree, and there appears to be no difference between the credentials this type of degree gives you. Other universities offer vocational degrees known as “foundation degrees.” These take approximately 2 years to complete. They are also very flexible; you can continue to work full time while going to school.

England has a rich history of quality higher education and each university has great options for any student. If you would like some more information about England’s educational system, there is plenty of information available for international students at all of the following links.

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