American University Diploma

American University Diploma Frame (11 X 14)

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University Frames, Inc. American Military University Graduation Diploma Frame (11 X 14)
Home (University Frames, Inc.)
  • University Diploma Frame
  • Satin Mahagony Finish
  • University Name and Seal
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Laminated Visuals American Military University - Embossed Seal - Mahogany Gold Trim - Diploma Frame
Sports (Laminated Visuals)
  • The outside dimensions of this diploma frame are approximately 6.5 inches wider and 6.5 inches taller than the original diploma.
  • The embossed gold foil school name and seal are made with the highest quality dies to display the finest details.
  • The matboard and mountboard are acid-free (pH neutral) and lignin-free to help preserve and protect your diploma.
  • Premier supplier of diploma frames to hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the country. Officially Licensed Product.
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  • Meticuously hand crafted
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American Public University Diploma Frame Blue Gold Matting Embossed Seal
Home ()
  • This Traditional frame, embossed with the school name and seal, is custom crafted to fit the American Public University System diploma from May 2009 and later
  • The elegant Navy/Gold accent matting beautifully complements the hardwood moulding
  • Selected for its exquisite grain and lustrous finish, the moulding is specially imported for DiplomaDisplay
  • Document insertion is easy - no tools are needed, nor are you required to send us the diploma
  • The size of this frame is 19 x 21 inches.
American Public University Diploma Frame Ivory Blue Matting Photograph
Home ()
  • This Collegiate frame includes an opening for an 8x10 photograph (horizontal)
  • The DiplomaDisplay frame is custom crafted to fit the American Public University System diploma
  • The elegant Navy accent matting beautifully complements the hardwood moulding
  • Selected for its exquisite grain and lustrous finish, the moulding is specially imported for DiplomaDisplay
  • Document insertion is easy - no tools are needed, nor are you required to send us the diploma
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